Amr's College Fund


By making a donation you are helping Amr reach his goal of a college fund that would further both his education and career in Computer Science as well as broaden his opportunities by helping him move to the US/UK from Egypt in this process. This by no means has to be a large donation but anything would help. The total goal is to raise $20,000-35,000 before August 1st, 2024. We know this is a lofty goal but we're really hoping as a community we can rally together to provide a lifetime of opportunities for Amr! All donations are non-refundable.keeohLove

For those who don’t know, Amr is 19 years old, and has been working hard on multiple projects in both streaming, coding, website design, and so much more. Some of you may also know him from Keeoh’s community as the head moderator. What you may not know is how much he is helping behind the scenes. He has worked with Keeoh on many bots, overlays, websites, and pretty much any overlay you see on Keeoh’s stream. As he is starting to grow he really wants to expand his opportunities by attending college in the US/UK.

Amr has not only helped in Keeoh's community but also so many streamers and other people from the Valorant community. He created to help creators and viewers keep track of ranked sessions. Amr is also known for having an extremely fun and energetic personality that is loved by so many people. It really shows his passion through the things he creates and the friendships he's made throughout this process. He helps bring people together while also making efficiency in streaming more manageable.

Overall Amr has made an incredible impact in multiple peoples lives and streams. This is one way that we can help give back to him and help him grow to take even further steps in helping others. Donations are not mandatory but they are beyond appreciated. Thank you!